Confederate Colt '51 Navy
Confederate Colt '51 Navy
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This 1851 navy is in exceptional condition for a Confederate used pistol.It retains most of it's case colors,full cyl.scene,60%+barrel blue,90%silver backstrap&triggerguard.  All the serial numbers match. The L.S grip retain 98% of their original finish and the R.S grip 75% which atests to Sgt.Williams being right handed.  It does however have some pitting from sitting in a holster but not from use as the edges are still razor sharp.  The case colors are still vivid on both sides of the frame. The top flat of the backstrap has the initials "CHW-BLA"inscribed in it by knife point but done quit nicely.  Also the bottom of the butt strap has "CHW"(Charles H.Williams).In researching this pistol I came across a Charles H.Williams who was a Capt.Hoskins'Battery,Mississippi Light Artillery-Brookhaven Light Artillery(BLA) a perfect fit. By itself this is an outstanding Colt but with the Confederate heritage it's a real winner.  Also,included with this pistol is a 1/2"folder containing Sgt.William's and the Regt.'s records.

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