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    Dealing in antique arms has been a passion of mine for over 30 years. I decided in 1990 to pursue this endeavor full time. As a result of that decision, I found myself doing 35 – 40 gun shows a year. There was always new knowledge to learn and new people to meet. With the advent of the internet, I’ve been able to cut back on some of these shows.

    As you will see, my primary area of interest in arms starts in the 1750’s with the French & Indian war and extends through the 1890’s to the end of the American Indian wars. Specializing in historical arms, I’m a member of the K.R.A., P.A.G.C.A., N.R.A., G.O.A., The Forks of the Delaware Historical Arm Soc., The New England Antique Arms Soc., Sharps Collectors and The Colorado Gun Collectors.

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